Create 2D animations with Surprising Results


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This application is great for fans of computer animation, who can make the most of this tool, although it is not suitable for beginners in this field.

Moho includes everything necessary for you to design your creations and then bring them to life. Based on vectors, the program allows you both to create and to import your own images from your hard drive. You have a wide range of options for achieving high-quality animations and then save them in AVI, MOV or Flash SFW.

In addition the editing options allows you to perform freehand drawing (like Freehand tool, which serves as a virtual pencil).

Thanks to Moho, you can add multiple preset effects such as smoke, water, motion, etc. obtaining spectacular results after having learned to use the program in no more than one hour.

Add a watermark to your animated creations
Flash archives are played in grey scale.

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